Game Review: BenGoZen!

Hey guys!

I was honored early last week to play a game with the great Ben Hong. He said that he was about 1 kyu or 1 dan around the time that he couldn't play Go as much. Obviously, that's a lot stronger than I am haha but even so, I asked for an even game. I enjoy even games because it allows me to call out the more inherent problems with my game. He was by no means sandbagging or being mean haha, just a disclaimer!

Anyway, enjoy the game :)

Things to learn:
  • Do not become stuck on one plan during the game
  • Attack to profit
  • Only play away when it is absolutely sente


  1. Great analysis and a fun discussion going on in GoKibitz! Thanks for posting this!

    1. Yeah and thanks for letting me use the game! Honestly, it was so exciting getting to finally play you :) I hope we get to play again sometime soon!


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