Friday, July 22, 2016

Game Review: Leela (1000 simulations)

This game is actually a sort of a segway into my next article on Wednesday. I don't like to play against computers but I think there is a lot to learn. I downloaded Leela a while back and I've been trying to find a way to actually utilize her for study. At the higher levels, of course I'm absolutely demolished, haha, but I can put up a good fight around 1000 sims.

Anyway, enjoy the game :) I added some comments on what I thought the game was lacking and what I could learn. Any other thoughts or most welcome!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Joseki of the Week: Make it an Enclosure?

Investigating these variations brought me to question whether I will still want to use the Chinese Fuseki... In my last game review, I decided to use what I learned is the "orthodox opening" or "Hashimoto." I think that is what I'll be focusing on next month for my fuseki of choice.

Anyway, these variations just end in a super territorial kind of way and it's not something I like to play against or with. Enjoy! :)

Friday, July 15, 2016

Game Review: Decisions, decisions...

This is a game I played this week. It was quite fun and a bit different. I certainly enjoy these types of games where one has to make a lot of decisions about attacking and defending. Counting played a large role in this game also.

The thing I learned most from this game was that I have to look forward to the endgame because a lot can be lost and gained. That last move really made a difference. If he had played anywhere else, perhaps I would have continued. However, with that move, I no longer had any chance.

Enjoy :)

Monday, July 11, 2016

Joseki of the Week: Into the Kobayashi?

Bad idea. Don't let the Kobayashi happen with the Chinese. I've tried playing with it against Fuego (a computer program about my level) and it's always just destroyed me. But if you do get stuck in that , here is a little something I learned from my favorite Go youtuber Dwyrin!

Enjoy! :)

Friday, July 8, 2016

Game Review: Beginners' Luck?

So this was my first game back. I have nothing but regrets for this but I've only been able to play Go A.I.'s recently and this was basically my first game with an actual person since I first came back into this game. I've actually been playing on this app on my phone called "Little Go." I'm not sure how strong the A.I. is on it but I've never been able to beat it. It's called "fuego." I'll do a post on that later. I have certain opinons about A.I.'s that I'm sure some will disagree with.

Anyway, in this game, I felt I got quite lucky. I haven't really gotten a chance to play with actual people and so I'm not really adhering to my training regimen like I would have wished but I'm glad I could play this game. I doubt I'm actually 6 kyu or even near that, haha, but it's a fresh start I guess. Enjoy the game! :)

Monday, July 4, 2016

Joseki of the Week: High Response

In this week's edition Joseki of the Week, I'll be looking at the various continuations from the Chinese Fuseki. This is something I have personally struggled with and so making this was a struggle for me.

I hope it helps though :) I did what I could but feedback is much appreciated!

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Training Regimen: Part 1

As all strong players will tell you, in order to achieve a high level, you must first develop a method of study. That's what I've been told, anyway. Methods of study include playing games, reviewing your games, studying professional games, and doing tsumego.

Not having a very big budget at all, I depend almost completely on things I find online. As I'm just starting up my studying process, I'm going to be starting kind of simple. I haven't really sat down and played with a focus in mind recently. That's what I'm going to start with.

Here are my goals for this week:
I know, it's not very much but I don't want to start too strong and then burn out. I just want to keep it simple and consistent. I'm sure I'll make some changes along the way but certainly not anytime soon. So excited for this journey!

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Fuseki of the Month: Chinese Fuseki

Every month, I'm going to be focusing on a single fuseki in my games. This week, I've chosen to focus on the Chinese Fuseki.

After studying some lectures, this is some research I've compiled :)



Follow my go journey through single digit kyu ranks as I do my best to get to dan level play within the next year. At the time of writing, I'm around 9-7 kyu depending on the day :) My goal is to get to 1 dan by January.

I intend to do this through intensive study. I'll be posting my training regimens and whatnot here with some game reviews for games that I was particularly proud of. Let me know of any suggestions if you've got any :)

Welcome to the blog and I hope you enjoy my journey!