Game Review: Beginners' Luck?

So this was my first game back. I have nothing but regrets for this but I've only been able to play Go A.I.'s recently and this was basically my first game with an actual person since I first came back into this game. I've actually been playing on this app on my phone called "Little Go." I'm not sure how strong the A.I. is on it but I've never been able to beat it. It's called "fuego." I'll do a post on that later. I have certain opinons about A.I.'s that I'm sure some will disagree with.

Anyway, in this game, I felt I got quite lucky. I haven't really gotten a chance to play with actual people and so I'm not really adhering to my training regimen like I would have wished but I'm glad I could play this game. I doubt I'm actually 6 kyu or even near that, haha, but it's a fresh start I guess. Enjoy the game! :)


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