Announcing Game Sprees!

A game spree. This is a bit of an innovation on my part through lack of resources for an actual Go stream. Of course, I'm not at a level at which an actual Go stream would be useful or entertaining for too many players so this is something I'm kind of doing for myself, and for your entertainment haha.

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Hikaru No Go
Essentially, my goal here is to just play as many games as I can at a good level of concentration and ability while live commenting on it, as would a Go streamer. I experimented with it a bit last night and it seemed to work out (kinda) great!

The way this works is that I'll chose a server for that given spree and start playing games. At the same time, however, I'll be posting live updates about the game on Twitter with the hashtag #GoGameSprees. Last night, I did use a different one and have kind of changed my mind on it. Feel free to tune in on the actual games because they will mostly be on the Online Go Server. I'll announce around the time that I'm about to start and post the link to each game as I'm doing it. I hope to be able to capture my thoughts and mindset so I can look back and see what I did wrong on the mental side of playing Go (ie, confidence, focus, critical thinking).

Here is how last night's spree turned out. It didn't go as expected but it also wasn't planned at all. Please do tell me what I did wrong and what I did right so I can improve further on!

You can follow all the action live on my twitter @alireyns. You can also follow it at #GoGameSprees :) Let me know what you guys think!


  1. Love the concept! I don't know if you did this intentionally, but the spree you did from last night isn't showing up in your blog entries. Looking forward to seeing more of these though. Keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks Ben! Actually, the spree is linked to another page if you want to take a look :) Maybe the way I linked it is not best...I'll have to look into that. I didn't want to make this post too long though haha. You can check it out here:


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