The October Challenge!

Recently I've been listening to a lot of TedTalks and podcasts and last night I heard one about achieving your goals. Now yes, I know, it sounds cheesy and typical and cliché and whatever else...but what do I have to lose?? haha. Anyway, what I was listening to was talking about dividing and conquering. To achieve your goals, set yourself mini-goals with deadlines and conquer them. Success comes easier in chunks. So last night, I tweeted this:

Ambitious? Yes. Achievable? Also yes. I believe I can do this. I believe in something called the "Law of Attraction." The more positive energy you put out there, the more motivation you show, the more you familiarize yourself with your goal, the stronger your connection becomes to it. Eventually that connection becomes so strong that you are standing right there next to it, achieving it.

So to all of you, I propose the October challenge! With Halloween coming up, along with wonderful weather, and the most beautiful season of the year, I believe that each and every single one of us should give ourselves something to accomplish, something to make this next month one of the most fulfilling we have ever had. I have chosen a goal regarding Go. You can make a goal about anything that is important to you; weight loss, grades, something at work, benching record, 100m dash, or whatever else. As long as it is important to you, I challenge you to set an ambitious goal for it and absolutely annihilate it this month. I know you can do it, and I'll be right here alongside updating you on what I'm up to and how I'm doing with my own challenge :)

Keep me posted on your journey this month in the comment section or on Twitter! Email me ( if you have any questions or comments and I'll be happy to help! Definitely share this out to anyone you know that would be interested :D Let's get everyone on their feet and one step closer to their goals this month!

I believe that I will achieve this goal by November. I believe that this is something I can do and must do. I believe that anyone that comes with me on this journey can do it too. So let's do this. ✊🏻


  1. Ganbatte Ali! Looking forward to seeing your growth!

    1. Thanks Ben! Let me know of your own challenge this month :)


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