UPDATE: Where Have I Been?

The short answer is nowhere :)

The right answer is high schooooool........... It's my senior year and I've spent a lot of time balancing college apps with senior year, sports, a social life, and Go. Unfortunately for this blog, Go is pretty far down the pecking order on this list...hehehe. While I do enjoy Go very much, it hasn't been much of a priority recently because I have so much to do all around.

However, I realize now that I probably should be investing a lot more time in Go. Having a schedule or deadlines is not necessarily something I'm interested in but I do really want to continue blogging about Go (and potentially other things).

I just thought that maybe I should update the blog so I can get back into the swing of things. I also wanted to post this game here because it's one I played recently and I thought it was sorta good. It's not one I'm proud of, necessarily, but it was quite important to me because it was the last round of the Young Lions tournament. Let me know what y'all think :)


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